When it comes to driver development, time is money. You don’t have time to research the latest IVI standards, grapple with Visual Studio, or deal with changing firmware. But with IVI Driver Development services from Pacific MindWorks, we do all of the heavy lifting for you, freeing you up to focus on your product.


Eliminate Distraction

Software and drivers aren’t the focus of most test and measurement companies. When product deadlines approach, understanding the intricacies of IVI and Windows is a dangerous distraction that can add considerable risk to project deadlines.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Drivers are much more than just a DLL and a header file. It’s easy to underestimate the expertise needed to deliver all of the IVI-required components. More importantly, there’s immense opportunity for costly errors when you consider the market expectation for driver support lifetimes. You simply can’t afford to make mistakes.

Mitigate Risk

Why take the chance on developing something you’re not an expert in? Partnering with Pacific MindWorks frees you from the uncertainty you might feel facing IVI development on your own.


Send us your IVI-COM driver and we'll return an IVI.NET driver plus a native IVI-C driver.

Future proof your driver inventory by using the latest .NET, the latest Nimbus & the latest Visual Studio.

No more wrappers! Preserves all of your unit test code!


IVI is the proven way to simplify test system development and maintenance. Read our white paper for an objective, comprehensive look at all the benefits of IVI driver technology.


  • Fully compliant, customer-ready IVI.NET, IVI-COM, and IVI-C drivers.
  • 100% compatibility with virtually every programming environment – from Visual Studio to LabVIEW.
  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest IVI and LXI specifications.
  • Complete driver help documentation that integrates directly with Visual Studio.
  • Driver installers that meet all requirements of the 87-page IVI installation specification.
  • Special wrappers for direct integration into MATLAB.
  • Extensive regression tests exercising every driver operation – all on live hardware.
  • All project source code.
  • World-class, lifetime driver support.


The most trusted name in IVI development

We’ve been the go-to partner for the biggest names in the industry since IVI began in 1998.

Guaranteed Results

Unlike a lot of other companies, this isn’t an empty promise. We guarantee compliance, delivery and price. We've never missed a deadline or had an instrument product impacted by IVI driver development schedule in our entire history in business.

We’re on the frontlines at the IVI Foundation – defining and refining the standards themselves. With a perennial seat on the IVI Foundation Board of Directors, our commitment to IVI is ongoing, and it remains the principal focus of our company.

IVI is a Windows-based technology and delivering robust, fully compliant IVI drivers requires knowledge of a dizzying array of Windows technologies – from C++ and COM, to .NET and Visual Studio, to Windows installer and beyond. That’s a lot of technology to master and to maintain mastery over – and we do.

IVI drivers are used in many different programming environments, so we want to ensure that our drivers work well everywhere. We maintain close relationship with the most important software companies in the industry, including National Instruments, MathWorks, and Microsoft.

Some believe that drivers are good candidates to outsource to low-cost overseas software shops. We don’t. That’s why all of our work is done right here in America. There’s truly no place like home.

Some people think of the instrument driver as an afterthought. We believe drivers are products, and as such, we ensure that the drivers we develop meet the same exacting standards as our own Nimbus product line.

Providing lifetime driver support is only valid if the company providing support is still around. We’ve been doing IVI all day, every day since its inception in 1998. It’s safe to say we’re not going anywhere. And neither is our lifetime support.


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